Summer of NHibernate Session 10: SProcs, Interceptors, and NHQA is now available

The latest installment of the Summer of NHibernate screencast series is now available for download from the Summer of NHibernate main site.  In this session we catch up on some odds and ends from miscellaneous user requests for topics that weren’t really part of the originally-planned curriculum.

Most of these were excluded from the original curriculum because I didn’t consider them part of the ‘foundational’ concepts that this series was designed to cover.  However, each of these topics received enough requests for coverage that I felt it was important to address them even if I still don’t consider them to really be ‘foundational’ concepts.  Many of them start to look like edge-cases, mid-level, or advanced topics to me, but one person’s edge-case is another’s run-of-the-mill everyday challenge depending on your situation, so I caved in to the repeated requests to cover some of this stuff. smile_tongue

In this session we explore NHibernate’s support for interacting with stored procedures to perform CRUD operations, introduce the methods for responding to ISession events using classes that implement the IInterceptor interface, and briefly explore the really useful NHibernate Query Analyzer (by Oren Eini).

As usual, comments, feedback, suggestions, etc. are encouraged.