Summer of NHibernate Session 11 Screencast: Techniques for Modeling Inheritance in the Database is now available

I’m happy to announce that as of now the next installment of the Summer of NHibernate screencast series is available for general download from the Main Site.

In this installment we dig into the strategies for modeling object inheritance hierarchies in our database schema using either of NHibernate’s two approaches to this challenge: Table-Per-Class-Hierarchy or Table-Per-SubClass.

We also pull back the covers on NHibernate’s powerful support for polymorphic queries to begin to understand the effects each of these inheritance modeling approaches has on the generated SQL that is ultimately passed to the database.

A few points about the code download for this session

The code download that accompanies this session is actually a two-for-one deal: the single download ZIP file contains two included ZIP files, one each that represents the code for each of the two strategies we investigated in this installment.

Since each of these strategies also required changes to the database schema, each of the two ‘child’ ZIP files contains a DDL scripts (CreateDatabase.sql) in the root of each of the ZIP files that can be used to create the database schema that properly aligns with the code that exercises each of the two inheritance-modeling strategies.

If you try the code download, please be sure that you run the right SQL script to create the right database schema that corresponds to the right set of code that you are running, else you will definitely get errors smile_sniff


As always, questions, comments, feedback, (constructive) criticism, and any other thoughts are welcome!