Autumn Of Agile: Iteration -1 Screencast is Available

After a brief hiatus to catch my breath following the conclusion of the Summer of NHibernate screencast series, I am pleased to announce that the initial installment of my next screencast series is now available for immediate download from a brand new (but just as butt-ugly smile_sad) dedicated site:

Iteration -1 ????

This first installment is entitled ‘Iteration -1’ since its really not related per-se to the actual project for which the series will be documenting the development process.  Instead, this installment is focused on explaining the Agile software development value proposition, its core fundamental assumptions and premises, and other high-level concepts that will form the foundation for the techniques that we will explore during the rest of the Autumn of Agile series.  ‘Iteration 0’ will begin with the next installment where we will focus on understanding the project requirements and look at ways to organize and flesh-out our User Stories, I promise.

Warning: no Code Found Here

Just a friendly warning: there is no coding in this installment.  Instead, this screencast is a delivery of a slide presentation that I gave much earlier this same year to some of our own staff to assist them in understanding more about Agile principles and methodologies and why they matter.

Iteration (pre)Planning

By way of setting some expectations, here is the present planned focus for the next several installments of the series as it looks today:

Iteration -1: Agile Value Proposition and Principles

Iteration 0: Project Overview and Organizing User Stories

Iteration 1: Development environment organization and beginning the design of the solution

Iteration 2: Domain Modeling

Iteration 3: Completing our first User Story with value

Iteration 4: no idea, this is Agile so we’ll know what to do when we get here smile_wink

Iteration X: we’ll see how many of these we actually need

Loose Planning

As you can see, I’m taking advantage of the Agile nature of the project to use Agile to plan my screencasts too; I know more or less what I want to cover, but don’t have a good handle on exactly when it will come up in the process of the development of the project.  But I have a loose expectation of how long everything will take and so that’s good enough for me for now.  I will be refining the schedule as we get further along and I have more info at my disposal with which to get more specific with my planning.

As always, your comments, feedback, input, and otherwise are much-appreciated.