Autumn of Agile: Iteration 0 Part B screencast is available

The next installment of the Autumn of Agile screencast series is available now for immediate download from the Autumn of Agile website.

Estimating Our User Stories

In this installment we wrap up our estimates on our User Stories, organize our like Stories into Features, and flesh out some of the actual tasks that we will need to perform to deliver the User Stories’ business value in the system.  We also take a realistic look at the amount of effort that our estimates are starting to suggest will be required to deliver the project and start to evaluate our ‘must-have’ User Stories against our ‘nice-to-have’ User Stories.

Creating our Development Environment

We then take some time to setup our project work folders in our source control repository and also work through the configuration of our CruiseControl.NET continuous integration server to begin to familiarize ourselves with some of the infrastructure items upon which we are going to rely during the life of our project.  We build only the most simple integration steps into the CI server at this point since we don’t need anything more complicated yet, with the expectation that we will enhance the capabilities of our CI server as our own software solution increases in complexity as well.

Still no Code smile_sad

Sadly, by the end of this installment we still haven’t written any code, but that’s the whole point of Iteration 0 (which this installment now brings to a close) — providing us the breathing room we need to setup enough of our infrastructure to help ensure the execution of the project is a success when Iteration 1 (and coding) starts next week~!

As always, feedback, constructive criticism, and other input is welcome.  Happy viewing.