AltNetpedia gets index of ALT.NET User Groups~!

For those of you readers interested in ALT.NET User groups but too far away/too busy/too lazy smile_teeth to attend one yourself, a new page in the AltNetpedia site has been added to which user groups are posting videos of past group meetings:

So far there are links to videos of the ALT.NET NYC User group as well as the Chicago ALT.NET group.  Continuing the theme, the Open Spaces conference in Israel video has been linked there as well.  If you have an interest in some of the topics that are discussed in these meetings, I would encourage you to view/dowload/watch some of this content (I know I plan to watch the Chicago stuff if only to get a good sense as to how other groups are running their meetings and to get ideas about our own NYC group).

Anyone with video content of ALT.NET-focused meetings. events, etc. is encouraged to add to the page (its a WIKI after all).

Happy viewing~!