Autumn of Agile Code Samples Posted!

Sorry for the delay, but I’m happy to announce that as of now the code samples for both PART A and PART B of the Iteration 01 installments for the Autumn of Agile screencasts have now been posted to the main site for download.

As the first several installments contained no code, I got out of the ‘habit’ of ZIPping up the code and posting it along with the screencasts themselves; future screencast releases will properly include their related source from the sessions.


Please take note that due to the large amounts of binary references that are in the download, these are running over 15MB each in size; the code itself is relatively small, but the LIB folder in the download that contains all of the dependent binaries is swelling the ZIP file out of proportion to the amount of ‘new’ code actually provided in there.

Have fun and happy coding~!