I will be Presenting at the NYC CodeCamp 1/10/2009

I am pleased to announce that I have just been confirmed as one of the speakers @ the upcoming NYC CodeCamp on 1/10/2009.  Apparently my voluminous presentation abstract didn’t scare them away from me smile_embaressed.

I’ll be speaking @ 9:15am on TDD (surprise~!) where I will be giving a live-demo from empty .cs file to the complete design and development of an object model to support an e-commerce shopping cart.

Expect copious amounts of CodeRush, RefactorPro, MbUnit 3.0, RhinoMocks, TestDriven.NET, and the rest of my favorite suite of dev tools that I will need in my arsenal to try to push this whole thing from zero to completion in just a bit over an hour (1:15 specifically).

If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you there!  And if you’re tired of listening to me, then come and see some of the other great sessions being proffered by other members of the local NYC .NET community. 

AFAIK, the exact schedule for all the time-slots isn’t set yet, but once its out you can catch it at the link provided above.  There’s a rumor that we’ll be wrapping up with a recording of an actual  .NET Rocks episode after the last session closes so come be part of that too if you’d like to hear your cheering on an actual podcast smile_regular

Space is limited and registration is required, so make sure that you register ASAP if you plan to attend!