CR_ClassCleaner build updated for DXCore 3.2.3

For background on this post (and why its needed), go read my prior post CR_ClassCleaner (and CR_Documentor) builds updated for DXCore 3.2.2, but suffice it to say that DevExpress has updated its DXCore runtime (and the corresponding versions of CodeRush and RefactorPro!) to v 3.2.3 and this has meant the need to recompile the CR_ClassCleaner plugin upon which I rely.

Since others rely on this same tool, as a convenience for the community I am (again) posting the updated binary for this plug-in so that others can get it and make use of it.

Here’s the link to the download:

Astute readers will note that unlike when DXCore 3.2.2 was released and I posted updated binaries for both CR_ClassCleaner and CR_Documentor, this time I am posting only an update for CR_ClassCleaner.  For whatever reason, while the prior update ‘broke’ both my CR_ClassCleaner and CR_Documentor plug-ins, this latest point release of DXCore seems to have only broken my ClassCleaner plug-in smile_sarcastic

Also, if you are a user of the recently-released CodeRushXpress product, then be advised that an update for that product has also been released (also to v3.2.3) and you should go get that download too as soon as you can to start taking advantage of the fixes and enhancements that are in that product too.

As always, happy refacforing~!