NDbUnit updated to Support SQLServerCe and SQLite

Thanks to the recent code contribution of Alan Baldwin, I have just been able to complete the integration of support for SQLServerCe, Microsoft’s oft-renamed mobile SQLServer variant, as a database target into the NDbUnit project.  You can get the latest source or the binary as a download.

This is the same release that includes the previously-integrated support for SQLite as a DB target that was provided me by Scott Muc earlier in March.  For more details on a possible way to use this, see Scott’s post, Unit Testing Domain Persistence With NDbUnit, NHibernate and SQLite.

With support for these low (or zero!) install databases, NDbUnit is even more valuable as a test-time DB state management tool, allowing it to run against not just installable DBs like SQLServer and others, but also in-memory DBs like SQLite and no-server-required-ones like SQLServerCe.

NDbUnit v1.3 is still in Beta

This is the last feature-add that I’m planning for the 1.3 BETA before we go to final release, so please get the bits and test it out to let me know any troubles that you run into!

Happy coding~! smile_tongue