Announcing the Agile Firestarter 2009 Event 6/27/2009 in NYC!

I know many are too remote from the NYC metro area to attend this event, but all day Saturday 6/27 some of us organizers in the local .NET community down here are holding an event we are calling the ‘Agile Firestarter’ for .NET developers interested in learning more about Agile software development techniques and practices.

The day will be a series of short introductory presentations on each topic followed by related ‘lab exercises’ done via pair programming to give attendees the chance to experiment with putting some of the techniques into practice in a collaborative environment.

For all the details including speaker list, agenda, logistics, and a link to the RSVP system, visit the following URL:

Because our venue has limited capacity, attendance is capped @ 60 persons MAX so if you are interested in attending, I would encourage you to RSVP sooner rather than later.  Registration opened this morning and there are already less than 50 slots remaining.  There is a nominal $8.00 fee that covers food and drink, but the event is effectively free of charge.

Attendance is open to any .NET developer interested in participating (regardless of any affiliation with any user group); if this event meets with success, it may be repeated again later in the year, but that’s just a hypothetical right now.

Hope to see you there if you can spare the time and are interested in a good learning experience~!


Repeated here is the event announcement as it was transmitted to the local NYC .NET user groups…

Are you just starting out with Agile, XP or Scrum and need to get up to speed? Or do you know a thing or two about Agile but want to learn the basics so you can implement it in your organization? Then this Firestarter is for you. We’ll take you from 0 to 60 in 8 hours. Bring a laptop with Visual Studio 2008 Express edition or better for an all day hands on seminar led by some of the NY area’s Agile practitioners.

When: Saturday June 27th


Kaye Scholer LLP
425 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Time: Registration and welcome 8:30am

Cost: $8 (to cover the pizza and materials)

To Register:


• Registration and Welcome

• Intro to Agile  (Steve Bohlen)

• Agile Estimation (Steve Forte)

• Test Driven Development (Steve Bohlen)

• Pizza!

• Continuous Integration (Alex Hung)

• Refactoring (Mark Pollack)

• Dependency Injection (Mark Pollack)

• Retrospective Erik Stepp

• Wrap up

Register today, space is limited!  For more details, see: