DX_SourceOutliner 1.0 RC2 is Available

After a bit of arm-wrestling with the Visual Studio eventing model to ensure that some really weird corner cases are handled and the treeview isn’t rebuilt like 100 times when an obscure edit happens and invalidates the tree’s being in sync with the editor window content, I am (finally) ready to make available the v1.0 Release Candidate 2 (RC2) build of the DX_SourceOutliner.

For details on this project and its features, see this post category on my blog here for all the related posts.

For installation details, see this post here.

The RC2 binary is available for download here.

As before all comments, feedback, bug-reports, and other are welcomed.  Assuming there is nothing else more seriously wrong with this build, the final RTM should be forthcoming pretty soon along with the release of the source code and probably also a series of blog posts where I will go into the process of developing this add-in in some depth in case anyone is interested in the process and effort that went into this thing.