DX_SourceOutliner v 1.2 is Released

image I’m happy to announce that I’ve now released an updated version (v1.2) of the DX_SourceOutliner.  The binary of the tool (ready for installation) as well as the source code is available on the project’s Google Code Site.  For details and background on the project, see this category of posts here on this blog.

What’s New?

In addition to several bug-fixes, this release also includes the initial implementation of the option to populate the tree with all open code editor files at the same time vs. the tree only containing elements from the currently-active source code document.  As you can see from the screenshot at left, when the ‘Show All Open Documents’ checkbox is toggled on, an additional ‘parent node’ for the source file itself becomes visible above the level of ‘namespace’.  The checkbox is toggled OFF when the tool window is initially loaded so that the default behavior of prior versions of the tool is retained.

Filtering Still ‘Flattens’ the Tree Structure

In this release, the behavior is still the same when activating the Filter controls: the treeview structure is automatically flattened as before so that users can visually make sense of the filter results displayed in the control.  I have several ideas (some my own, others suggested to me by users) for how to improve this behavior in the next release of the tool, so look for more info on my ideas on this to come soon.

In the mean time, happy coding and I hope readers are able to find value in the tooling in its present form!