DX_SourceOutliner v1.3 Released: Support for VB.NET Modules!

Just a quick post to mention to readers that I have just released v1.3 of the DX_SourceOutliner for download here.  Even as I’m in the midst of the redesign of the guts of the application as mentioned here and in other related posts, bug-fixes and minor tweaks to capabilities within the existing 1.x branch continue as I get time to address them.  Can’t ignore the existing users even as vNext gets underway in earnest 🙂

The two major changes/fixes in this next version are…

image1. I have resolved a rather glaring oversight on my part in re: not providing support for constant fields in classes (oops – somewhat surprising that I didn’t notice that myself in even my own use of the tool until recently!)

2. In response to this comment thread here, I have introduced support for VB.NET ‘Modules’ in the outliner; to make my life easy I have ‘borrowed’ the same node icon that I’m using for ‘structures’ to represent modules…if this turns out to lead to confusion for users I can find the time to go scrounge up some custom icon specifically for Modules in code – just let me know~!

In addition, I took a few minutes to clean up the icons for the source-file nodes in the tree that are displayed when the ‘show all open files in the tree’ checkbox is selected.  Previously all file types were displayed using the same icon; now there is a visual distinction between the icons for .cs, .vb, and .js files in the tree when all are set to display at once.

As usual, comments, feedback, suggestions, ideas, etc. are welcome here as well as on the Google Code Site for the project.