CodeRush 2009.2 is released (ClassCleaner and Refactor_UpdateNamespace updates coming!)

I have just been advised that the 2009.2 release of the Developer Express IDE Productivity tools (CodeRush, Refactor! Pro, DXCore, and CodeRushXpress) has been made available for download from the DevExpress website.

This means that a) you should go update your running version of these tools ASAP if you are an adopter of any of these technologies and b) I will need to recompile the DXCore-based plugins I have developed against the prior 2009.1 build of the DXCore runtime in order for most of them to work.

This includes my convenience-recompile of the CR_ClassCleaner add-in from the CodePlex site as well as my recently-completed Refactor_UpdateNamespace add-in. Interestingly, quick testing on my side has demonstrated that the DX_SourceOutliner doesn’t need to be recompiled against the new DXCore runtime in order to function, so that can be left as-is and used immediately with the new 2009.2 release of the DevExpress tools.

I’ll rebuild these tools and make them available for download as soon as I get home this evening; look for a coming post in the near-term with links to these updated binaries.