Refactor_UpdateNamespace moved to DXCoreCommunityPlugins

Now that its mature enough (e.g., ‘functional’!) I just wanted everyone to know that I have moved the source code for the Refactor_UpdateNamespace add-in over to the DXCoreCommunityPlugIns site on Google Code.

If you’re unfamiliar with this site (and a user of CodeRush, Refactor! Pro, or CodeRushXpress), you should really check it out.  Its chock full of useful plugins that extend the behavior of these tools in all kinds of powerful ways.  Some require the commercial CodeRush and/or Refactor! Pro, but many work just fine with only the freeware CodeRushXpress installed.  Rather than every plugin author posting their own code to separate repositories, blogs, wikis, etc. this site creates a single location for contributors’ efforts to all coalesce into a single collection of plugins so that adopters needn’t rely entirely on googling to find open-source plugins for DevExpress IDE productivity tools.

Refactor_UpdateNamespace is one of these ‘little’ tools that just makes no sense to bother hosting separately and so I’ve now added it to the critical mass formed at the DXCoreCommunityPlugIns site so that its easier for adopters to get, build, install, and keep up-to-date with the releases without my needing to maintain my own infrastructure for this (relatively) little project.

Comments / Feedback / Input / Ideas

As usual, comments, feedback, etc. are always welcome; please either post suggestions for improvements to my blog here or to the issue-tracker list over at the DXCoreCommunityPlugIns site on Google Code.

Happy Coding~!