DevExpress IDE Tools Updated to 2009.2.6 (and CR_ClassCleaner rebuilt too)

Developer Express has just released the ‘2009.2.6’ version of their IDE Productivity Tools, CodeRush, Refactor! Pro, CodeRushXpress, and DXCore.

Just about every time this happens, there’s a need to recompile many (but, interestingly – for reasons I cannot entirely explain – not all!) DXCore-dependent plugins to expose themselves properly within the newly-released DXCore runtime.


In the past, I’ve done this for the CR_ClassCleaner plugin out of a courtesy to the community.  You will notice that the plugin is hosted on CodePlex, but you will also notice that its latest binary release is compiled again the DXCore 1.5 release from waaaay back in 2007.  To make it easy for people to remain compatible at a binary level, I usually recompile the CR_ClassCleaner code against the newest DXCore binaries and post it here for anyone to download and so I’m doing this again now.  You can download the latest ClassCleaner binary for DXCore 2009.2.6 here.

In addition, I’ve taken the liberty of including the patch mentioned here in this new binary and revved the version of ClassCleaner from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2 accordingly.

Happy coding~!