DX_SourceOutliner 1.3 updated for DevExpress 2009.2.6

One of these days, I swear I will discover just what it is that is the ‘trigger’ within each update to their IDE products released by Developer Express that results in plug-ins compiled against prior versions not working with the newly-released versions until recompiled against the latest release.  No, really, I will figure it out at some point because its quite the vexing problem for which I have no real explanation.

As an example, my DX_SourceOutliner plug-in was last compiled against references to the 2009.1.5 release of DXCore.  Its continued to work just fine (the same binary, without any recompilation necessary) under the subsequent 2009.2.4 and 2009.2.5 releases of the DXCore (and related) products from DevExpress.  Without warning (or, seemingly, predictability) it now fails to show up under the DevExpress —> Tool Windows menu when running 2009.2.6 of the DevExpress IDE tools products.  Go figure. smile_sad

DX_SourceOutliner 1.3 Updated

To address this, I have recompiled the tool against the 2009.2.6 release of DXCore and posted the binary for download from the Google Code site here.  If you are running DXCore (and related tools) v 2009.2.6 or later, you will need this new binary of the plug-in for the tool to properly appear in the DevExpress –> Tools Windows menu.

Humorously, if you happen to already have the DX_SourceOutliner window open in VS before you upgrade to 2009.2.6 of the DevExpress IDE tools, the DX_SourceOutliner will continue to function just fine.  Once the tool window is already opened, you seem good-to-go.  The plug-in seems to need recompilation only to be properly registered with the DevExpress tools for the purpose of displaying it in the DevExpress –> Tool Windows menu – for the purposes of its actual functionality, the old binary still works fine as-is.  Like I said, one of these days I’m actually going to dig into the details of why this kind of unpredictable behavior happens from one release to the next of the DevExpress IDE tools…

Reminder: the DX_SourceOutliner TRUNK is *BROKEN*

Just a reminder: if you find you want to build the tool for yourself from the source code in the repository, the working, functional version of the tool isn’t in the trunk but is instead in the v1 branch here: http://code.google.com/p/dxsourceoutliner/source/browse/#svn/branches/v1.  The trunk is presently in state of flux as I am redesigning much of the tool’s overall code structure as detailed in these past posts here, here, here, and here.

Happy coding~!