Oredev 2009 Slides and Code

Oredev 2009: Mission Accomplished

imageI’m glad to report that I have managed to complete my delivery of both of my sessions at the Oredev 2009 conference!

This was my first invitation to present at Oredev and I have to say I am impressed with both the organizers and the attendees here.  Although Malmo is apparently consistently cold and rainy this time of year, the fireplace at the local pub seems more than capable of addressing that issue quite effectively (although in fairness, it just started SNOWING here this afternoon, so perhaps the weather has a few more tricks up its sleeve yet this week!).

I did a half-day workshop, NHIbernate: From Principle to Practice, that condensed down the 20+ hours of the Summer of NHibernate screencasts into just four hours (largely by eliminating whole installments and then reducing the depth of the remaining content).  Even though it was (obviously) a lot to cover, I received pretty good feedback from attendees that they got good value out of the experience.

The following day, I did a 50-minute regular session, Exploring the NHibernate Ecosystem, that tried (successfully or not, we’ll have to see!) to provide a comprehensive overview of the large universe of NHibernate-related add-ons, extensions, frameworks, and the like that NHibernate-adopters can use to improve the power and capability of the underlying NHibernate ORM engine (from FluentNHibernate to NHibernateValidator to NHibernate Burrow).

Slides and Code

If anyone is interested, slides and code can be downloaded from the following links…

NHibernate: From Principle to Practice

Exploring the NHibernate Ecosystem

Hope everyone enjoyed the presentations and was able to get good value out of them.  Its hard to do so complex a topic as either of these complete justice in the short time allotted for each, but I tried my best to ensure there was good value provided in both sessions.

I suppose the best test of whether I managed success at that or not is whether they ask me back next year 🙂

In the mean time, Happy Coding from the south of Sweden~!