My Interview on the Connected Show podcast is Released!

Episode 23 of the Connected Show podcast has been released!  In this episode, host Peter Laudati interviews Andrew Brust about what he saw at this year’s CES in Las Vegas and then proceeds to interview none other than yours-truly about some of the work that myself and others have been doing with the Agile Firestarter events in and around the NYC metro area.

Agile: Putting the “Soft” in Software

In the interview Peter and I talk at length about the principles, values, and practices that underpin the Agile approach to software development, discuss why you as a developer should care about Agile, debate flawed metaphors comparing software engineering with the construction industry, investigate technical practices that make Agile successful, and even dig a bit into my thoughts about the challenges facing software engineering as a profession for the future.

Although it probably runs a bit longer than most Connected Show episodes, hopefully I found valuable things to say to fill the time 🙂

You can download the podcast directly from right here and the show notes can be found on Peter’s blog here.

As usual, all feedback/commentary on anything I do is welcome.  Happy listening~!