NDbUnit v1.6 (and Proteus Unit Test libraries) with Oracle Support Released!

Thanks to a code contribution from an adopter of NDbUnit, I’m happy to announce that NDbUnit v1.6 is now released and available for download from the Google Code downloads page with support for Oracle 8i and later.

Oracle support has been on the project’s roadmap for some time now and its great to be able to introduce this support at long-last (and even more enjoyable to be able to jump-start this functionality with a contribution from an adopter of the project).

I’m happy to say that this now brings the complete list of supported DB targets under NDbUnit to six:

  • Microsoft SQL Server (including Express Editions and on up to Enterprise)
  • Microsoft OleDb-supported databases*
  • Microsoft SqlServerCe/Mobile Edition/whatever its called this month
  • MySql
  • Oracle (including XE and on up to Enterprise)
  • SqlLite (including both on-disk and in-memory variants)

*there is currently a known issue with OleDb support that is under review

FWIW, I’d still love to get support for PostGreSql in there too at some point (hint –hint, community!)

Proteus Unit Test Libraries update Released as well!

Now that NDbUnit properly supports Oracle, its possible to extend the Proteus Project’s Unit testing libraries to do the same and so I’m also happy to announce that the 1.2.6 release of the Proteus.UnitTest.dll library is also now available for download from its own Google Code downloads page.  The Proteus utility classes that wrap NDbUnit with a series of convenience methods now also support Oracle as a database target.

Happy coding~!