Summer of NHibernate Content Moved to (slightly) less annoying download host :)

Just wanted to let everyone know a few things about the Summer of NHibernate content (screencasts, code samples, etc.)…

  1. the content has been relocated to be hosted on
  2. Links provided in the prior posts have been updated accordingly to reflect the new URLs
  3. this is intended to provide a (slightly) less invasive download experience than was achieved using the previous content host ( ) which I think was universally panned based on feedback I rec’d
  4. I am continuing to investigate even better solutions and expect to have a distro approach with even less friction available soon so please be patient and bear with me a bit longer

I really appreciate everyone’s continued interest in this content and the wide-ranging suggestions I have rec’d re: alternate distro methods — rest assured that I am taking all of the feedback to heart and weighing several options.

More to follow soon once I finalize an alternate approach to this.