Summer of NHibernate Session 05: Modeling Foreign-Key Relationships in NHibernate screencast is available

I’m happy to announce that the next installment of the Summer of NHibernate screencast series is now available for general download.

In this session we…

  • dig into NHibernate’s support for modeling FK-relations between tables in our object model by adding collections that contain other objects
  • explore the concepts of Lazy loading and how NHibernate uses proxy objects to defer loading entire deeply-nested object graphs until we ask for them

Unlike some of the immediately-prior sessions, this session contains a bit more Powerpoint content and a bit less interactive coding.  As this is our first foray into the quite complicated (and powerful!) universe of NHibernate collection modeling and mapping, there is a (relatively) large amount of new concepts that need to be introduced to lay the groundwork before we can start doing more complex coding exercises with collections and relationships in subsequent sessions.

In addition to understanding and demonstrating the mechanics behind Lazy Loading, this session also provides an overview of the different collection types supported by NHibernate (Sets, Lists, Bags, and Maps) and also covers how we properly ‘escape’ SQL reserved words when they show up in our .hbm.xml mapping files.

As always, comments and feedback are welcomed and appreciated.