Microdesk.Utility.UnitTest assembly update for RhinoMocks 3.5 RC1 refresh ( support

Since demonstrating the Microdesk Unit Test Utility in the Summer of NHibernate series, several people have adopted it for their own work in leveraging NDbUnit to interact with the database during unit testing.  I’m very happy to see that this approach is of interest to at least a segment of the community and I have been asked a number of times if I plan to open-source it.

While I don’t have definitive plans to release the source for the utility as of now, I have stated (and I still mean it) that anyone is free to use the binary in support of their unit testing as they see fit.  Since you would never (I don’t think) compile/release/redistribute it with any of your actual software products per-se, the use of it to support your development efforts on any product shouldn’t open you to any concerns about OSS licensing or otherwise.

I have rec’d a number of requests to rebuild the assembly against RhinoMocks 3.5 because the present version available thus far in the source code downloads for the SoNH series are built against RhinoMocks 3.4.  I have resisted doing this (yet) since RhinoMocks 3.5 isn’t yet completely ‘baked’ (e.g., its still in an RC-state) and as a rule I don’t advocate the use of non-release-version software in anything that I would be charging a client for.  As I have stated before, sometimes this is worth the ‘danger’ but that’s a choice for the client to balance, not for me to make of their behalf.

That said, enough people using RhinoMocks 3.5 RC1 have asked for a version of the Unit Test Utility assembly compiled against it and so without further pomp and circumstance, here it is…


There will be another build of this once the RhinoMocks 3.5 final build is made available for me to reference into the assembly, but any user of the existing utility is encouraged to check out this download anyway since it includes the CHM help file for the API reference for the Utility that is equally valid for the 3.4 and 3.5RC1 versions of RhinoMocks.

As always, advise any troubles and let me know.