Summer of NHibernate Session 13: Managing Session Lifecycle in a Stateless Web Application (corrected) is available

After a bit of trouble today, I have now re-encoded the installment for the above-referenced screencast.  I’m still not entirely certain how this happened, but somehow Camtasia Studio decided to silently truncate the final five minutes or so of the screencast during the encoding process.  Since I’ve never had any trouble with Camtasia Studio in the past, I’m not really in the habit of listening to the entire final recording before posting it, rather I just listen to the beginning and a some random samples along its length to ensure proper sound levels (after all, not even I want to hear myself talk for another hour and a half!).

It never would have dawned on me to check the last five minutes smile_embaressed.

In any case, the corrected version has now been posted for download on the Summer of NHibernate website at the previous link.  Sorry for any troubles this may have caused anyone~!