Primer notes for Autumn of Agile: Iteration 0 – Part A

Several suggestions were offered to me by readers when I was trying to decide how best to structure the Autumn of Agile screencast series.  One of the challenges of this screencast series is that unlike the previous Summer of NHibernate series that focuses on just a single technology for its entire length, the Autumn of Agile series is designed to showcase multiple technologies and practices all at once (or at least in a logical self-reinforcing sequence).  As such, there is not going to be the same opportunity to dig as deeply into each technology and practice as might be needed to form a complete learn-from-zero training experience.

One of the suggestions I received was for me to provide some reference material (or at least links to other people’s materials smile_tongue) on the topics that were to be covered in the immediately to-be-released session.  This would allow viewers to do some up front research on the topics and issues covered in the screencasts so that the screencast itself wouldn’t have to be 100% detailed on every how-to point on every concept/topic/technology that was demonstrated.

Reference Materials

So without further ado, here is the list of reference links for the upcoming screencast, Autumn of Agile: Iteration 0 – Part A.

Feel free to bone up on the the concepts in the above links before the next screencast installment is released.  I hope this helps and I’d be interested in feedback about whether people feel this part of the process is of value or if I’m just wasting my time with this.