NYC CodeCamp 2009 Schedule Posted

The semi-confirmed schedule for the 2009 NYC CodeCamp has just been published at  Even if the schedule changes ever-so-slightly between now and 1/10/2009, the actual sessions are pretty much locked-in at this point so the schedule gives a pretty good sense of the topics that will be covered and who’s covering them (myself included).

Register Now or You Can’t Come!

This event is nearly upon us so if you’re planning on attending and haven’t yet registered you are encouraged to do so at the following Microsoft Events link:

AFAIK there are still available spaces for new attendees to register if you haven’t yet done so.  Look forward to seeing as many there as can make it!

Good News If You Cannot Attend

If you cannot attend but would still like to see the session I’m delivering on TDD, the following materials will be posted to my blog once the event is over…

  • the whole Powerpoint slide deck (I will be delivering only a subset of the whole slide deck in the actual session but the more comprehensive slide deck will be posted here for anyone interested in seeing the whole thing)
  • the code of the sample(s) that I will be writing for the live demo part of the session
  • the CAMTASIA video of the screencast recorded LIVE as its delivered (assuming this is high enough quality to bother; its my first attempt at such a thing, so we’ll see how it goes)
  • digital video of my delivering the session; a co-worker of mine has offered to come with his camera and tripod so we may have video of the whole session after all (again, we’ll see how this turns out)
  • links to just about everything that I mention during the session