January 2009

I usually refrain from making posts that just end up referencing the work of others, but while looking for something else I just came across two blog posts from late-November […]

If you’re one of the two people who closely follow my blog here, you will probably have noticed that starting mid-afternoon yesterday and leading into the early evening (all times […]

Thanks to everyone who attended my talk at the NYC CodeCamp this morning!  Even though I couldn’t get through my entire presentation/demo, the questions that came up made the digressions […]

The semi-confirmed schedule for the 2009 NYC CodeCamp has just been published at http://nyc.codecamp.us/blogs/announcements/archive/2008/12/31/code-camp-session-schedule.aspx.  Even if the schedule changes ever-so-slightly between now and 1/10/2009, the actual sessions are pretty much […]