Videos from NYC CodeCamp 2009 TDD Presentation are Available for Download

As a follow-up to my Test-Driven Development presentation at the 2009 NYC CodeCamp last weekend, I wanted to let everyone interested know that I have now posted the screencast recordings for the session for download by anyone interested.

Several Formats

As anyone who was there will know, we got somewhat sidetracked in the presentation by discussions about the value and merits of Unit Testing in general and TDD in particular so I wasn’t entirely able to complete my planned demo coding session.  To satisfy both the purists who say I should post a screencast of what actually happened and the people who would prefer to have the coding screencast as it was originally intended to be delivered, I am making available for download the following several screencast recordings in re: this session as follows…

1) Actual Entire ‘Live’ Recorded Session (length = approx 1 hour 20 mins)

  • Screencast of my delivery of the actual session in its entirety recorded during the CodeCamp event itself
  • Includes my delivery of the powerpoint introduction, the coding demo session, and all of the Q+A that occurred
  • Note that you will need to turn the volume waaaaay up to hear the actual input from the audience in this one — I tried long and hard to boost the audio from the audience without much luck so you will have to turn the volume up to hear the audience and then down again when I resume speaking; I don’t have access to the same audio equipment as Richard and Carl on .NET Rocks so all of the audio you are hearing in this download is from the condenser mic in my laptop — what do ya want for FREE????? smile_embaressed


2) Actual ‘Live’ Recording of the Powerpoint Presentation ONLY (length = approx 15 mins)

  • Screencast of my actual delivery of the powerpoint part of the presentation to the CodeCamp attendees
  • Does not include any of the coding demo part of the session
  • This is the same as the first 15 mins of the prior download, so if you grab the first one, you don’t need this one too


3) ‘Studio’ Re-recording of the Coding Demo part of the session (length = approx 1 hour)

  • Screencast of the delivery of the coding portion of the presentation as it would have been given had I not run out of time in the actual session due to expanded Q+A
  • Re-Recorded afterwards in the comfort of my office at home
  • Does not include any of the Powerpoint content (get the snippet above if you want the powerpoint portion of this)
  • Does not include any interaction with the audience (since this recording didn’t happen with an audience smile_wink)

How to Choose What to Download?

With all these choices, how do you decide what to download?

  • If you’re a purist and want the complete recording of what actually happened, then download #1 and see the ‘real’ event for yourself in its entirety
  • If you want the best way to consume the content so that you can learn what I was trying to teach, then I recommend that you download #2 and #3 and then watch them in that order
  • Remember that the code and the powerpoint slides themselves are available at the links pointed to by this post here

Happy viewing~!