ALT.NET NYC Mar 2009 Meeting (Jeff Richter) Videos Posted

For those who couldn’t make the meeting, the videos of the March 2009 NYC ALT.NET user group have been posted for viewing on Vimeo here.  As usual, our group’s resident videographer, Alex Hung, is to be thanked for the effort of both capturing this video and post-processing it to get it ready for posting.

For the March meeting we were fortunate enough to be able to host a a high-powered guest speaker in the form of Jeffrey Richter, one of the founders of Wintellect and a great source of information about many of the underlying principles and designs of the Windows platform.

Jeff condensed his three-day seminar on multi-threading and performance tuning of Windows Applications down into a 1.5-hour talk with some Q+A at the end.  The meeting (and if you missed it, these videos instead) are a great chance to gather some pearls of wisdom from the master when it comes to writing multi-threaded, high-performance windows applications.  Jeff also digs into some examples of how to employ his PowerThreading Library to create asynchronous code that’s both easy to read and easy to write.

With today’s multi-core processors nearly ubiquitous, anyone trying to write any software to run on a (semi-)modern Windows operating system really needs to ensure that they are current on the topic of how to (efficiently and effectively) write multi-threaded code in .NET and Jeff’s presentation is a great jumping-off point for coming to grips with that world.