CR_ClassCleaner Builds for Latest DXCore Release

I have been MIA for about the past two months (on this blog, on my screencasts, and just about everywhere else).  Personal and professional obligations have kept about 100% of my attention lately but beginning today these situations have largely resolved themselves and so I should now be back to my regular (slightly) higher online profile.

New Dev Express Tools Release

For anyone who missed it, Developer Express has recently released the 9.1.4 version of their always-excellent and continually-improving Visual Studio Productivity Tools, CodeRush, RefactorPro, DXCore, and CodeRushXpress.  As is often the case (usually, except lately where I’ve missed the last one!), I am posting for convenience download the binary build of the open-source ClassCleaner add-in that is compatible with the recent DXCore release.

Since DXCore (and ClassCleaner) are completely free, you need not be a paying user of CodeRush + RefactorPro to leverage these excellent add-ins.  Since I missed the 9.1.3 release, I’m providing the binary that’s compatible with that one too, but there really isn’t any GOOD reason why anyone would want to use the older release of the DexExpress tools, so I’m recommending that everyone get the latest releases from DevExpress and use the corresponding latest ClassCleaner  build provided here:

ClassCleaner for DXCore 9.1.4

ClassCleaner for DXCore 9.1.3

CodeRush Xpress Now Supports VB.NET

As an aside, in case you are a VB.NET programmer (and as many will know, I used to be one myself before the siren-song of the curly-braces called me back to C# from my C++ roots), you may be happy to know that with the 9.1.4 release of CodeRush Xpress, there is now complete support for VB.NET as well as C# only (as had been the case when the product was originally announced/released last November at the PDC).

CodeRush Xpress is a 100% free Visual Studio Add-in that provides perhaps 40% (my number, not an official one) of the capabilities of the commercial CodeRush + RefactorPro products for absolutely ZERO money.  While I strongly feel that the commercial versions are entirely worth the investment, if you are a developer on a tight budget and cannot get your employer to spring for the full products, you are missing some serious FREE productivity tools if you aren’t at least considering using the CodeRush Xpress tool to your immediate benefit.  And with the VB.NET support now in the latest release, even that excuse now goes away.

Happy coding, everyone~!