Agile Firestarter 2009 Event Screencasts Coming Online

For those who didn’t manage to attend the Agile Firestarter 2009 Event this past Saturday in NYC (details here), the videos from the first two sessions have now been posted to Vimeo for viewing at the following URLs…

Over the coming weeks, look for more videos of the other sessions including TDD, IoC, CI, and Refactoring as they are post-processed and come on-line under the Vimeo tag “agilefirestarter”.  If you’re curious about Agile, what it means to a software developer, and are interested in getting ramped up quickly on some of the concepts, this might be a great place to start!

Thanks (as always) to Alex Hung

All of these videos are the result of the diligent video-capturing efforts and dutiful post-processing work of the NYC ALT.NET group‘s unofficial videographer, Alex Hung.  The community owes him a huge debt for all his hard work in capturing this content, organizing it, post-producing it, encoding it, and ultimately uploading it beginning so quickly after the event’s conclusion just this past weekend (thanks, Alex~!)