Eric Evans Presentation: "What I’ve Learned About DDD Since the Book" Screencast Available

Readers of this blog may recall that Eric Evans (author of the canonical book in the field and considered by most to be ‘the father of Domain Driven Design’) gave a presentation to the NYC DDD User Group (of which I am a regular member) several months ago.

At that time, many asked if the presentation would be recorded in video for those that couldn’t attend the meeting but were interested in the content.  I’m happy to announce that I just received word from the organizer of the DDD group that the video from this presentation has now been posted to the Domain Driven Design Community site and is now available for viewing.

If you are remotely interested in DDD as an approach to managing software engineering complexity in your work, then I strongly recommend that you take the time to watch this video; Eric has suggested that he’s probably not going to pursue either writing an entirely new book or releasing an updated edition of the first book, so this venue looks like your best bet for discovering the lessons and experiences that have shaped his current views on the content in the original book.

Happy viewing~! smile_teeth