ClassCleaner updated for CodeRush/Refactor! Pro/DxCore/CodeRushXpress 2009.1.5

Its that time again — Developer Express has just released their next quarterly installment of their suite of Visual Studio Productivity Add-Ins, running the gamut from the commercially-offered CodeRush and Refactor! Pro to the completely freeware CodeRushXpress.  This means its also time for me to release the recompiled binary of the CR_ClassCleaner open source DXCore add-in for re-organizing your entire class file with a single keystroke, recompiled to function properly against the latest DXCore update.

Regular readers of my blog will recall that while I have absolutely no connection to the actual ClassCleaner project on Codeplex, I am a huge believer in the benefit it provides of not making me worry a bit about where I place members in a class file as I’m coding my way through the development process.  Disappointingly, each time Developer Express issues an update to the DXCore engine that underlies their Visual Studio add-ins, the former build of ClassCleaner ceases to work until recompiled against their updated binaries.  Because I have to do it anyway, I always rebuild the ClassCleaner plug-in binaries myself and because I’m such a great guy I also always make this updated binary available to anyone else who’s interested.

So without further ado, here is the updated CR_ClassCleaner binary recompiled against DXCore 2009.1.5.

Reminder to Check out CodeRushXpress

BTW, even if you aren’t a commercial customer of CodeRush and/or Refactor! Pro, you really owe it to yourself to go download the completely freeware CodeRushXpress add-in for Visual Studio from Developer Express.  If you are coding professionally (or, frankly, even as a hobby) and you value your own time at all, you’re literally stealing from your employer, your client, or even yourself if you’re coding in Visual Studio without some kind of refactoring tool. 

For 100% free, you can’t beat the value proposition that CodeRushXpress provides; for more details, check out this recent blog post from Mark Miller where he explains some details about what’s available for 100% free with the CodeRushXpress product — its really amazing that this can be had FOR NO MONEY AT ALL: CodeRush Xpress for C# and Visual Basic inside Visual Studio 2008

As always,  happy coding~!