DX_SourceOutliner v0.2 ALPHA Available

Catching up: for background, refer to this post where I lay out what I’m trying to achieve and this post where I share some of my progress on the project to-date.

Downloading and installing the DX_SourceOutliner

You can download the latest build as a ZIP file here.  Refer to this post for details on how to install, setup, etc. to use the add-in.  As mentioned in prior posts, this is an early-release ‘preview’ of this tool for evaluation and comment and is not intended for production use, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Filtering by Text String is Functional

As shown in the following screenshot, toggling the filter ON and typing the beginning of the name of any element into the filter string textbox now properly performs filtering on the elements in the outline…


Caps-Equals-Pascal-Cased-Identifiers-in-Filtering is Functional

In the following screenshot, you can see that entering the capital letters that match the Pascal-Casing of the elements in the treeview now correctly filters the tree’s nodes by those identifiers that match…


Tooltips Added to Provide Member Visibility and Return Types

As you may recall from this post, there is already an option to add the return type to the text for each element displayed in the treeview.  But sometimes, you want to see the return type for just a single element without having to toggle that display ON for all elements.  As shown in the following screenshot, the tooltip for each element now includes both the return type for each element as well as the textual representation of the element’s visibility (in case the funny little icons aren’t 100% informative for you)…


Expand/Collapse Node Doesn’t Select

In the 0.1 ALPHA version clicking a node to expand/collapse it also had the side-effect of selecting the node being expanded/collapsed (oops!) as pointed out by Jorge Alves in this comment.  This has now been addressed.

Remaining Issues

The TODO list for the 1.0 release is (more or less) as follows now…

  • implement treenode rendering for all the other types (props, structs, enums, etc.)
  • investigate the idea of scrolling the code window to place the selected item at the top of the code editor window when the tree node is selected
  • consider highlighting the entire line of code in the IDE when an element is selected instead of just firing the ‘beacon’ animation from DXCore (to improve your eye moving to the target in the editor)
  • implement ‘type’ and ‘visibility’ filtering toggle buttons as are presently missing the following screenshot:


With this work remaining, its looking like this will be ready for 1.0 release by sometime this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for a release candidate pretty soon!