DX_SourceOutliner Still in need of Some Polishing

It seems there’s no substitute for using a piece of software in actual production to really surface bugs and usability issues 🙂

This isn’t too surprising to anyone who has been doing software development for any amount of time, but it still amazes me that no matter how comprehensive you think your testing is, there’s always something that slips through~!

See this list of documented issues that I have surfaced from just a day of using the DX_SourceOutliner in actual production code vs. the sample solution that I had been using to test its behavior: http://code.google.com/p/dxsourceoutliner/issues/list

I’m working on these issues this weekend and they should be resolved before Monday.  Only the bug listed on the Google Code site is really a blocking issue for adoption (but its a pretty embarrassing one if you ask me!) and the rest are usability enhancements so this doesn’t by any means indicate that you need fear using the tool before the fixes are posted in the next day or so.

Happy coding~!