DevExpress 2009.2.9 Tools Released: CR_ClassCleaner, Refactor_UpdateNamespace, DX_SourceOutliner and More!

Its that time again: DevExpress has released the 2009.3 2009.2.9 update to their Visual Studio Productivity Tools.  This means the need to acquire updates for most plugins that have been compiled against the latest DXCore/CodeRush/Refactor! Pro assemblies.

As a convenience to others, here is the updated CR_ClassCleaner plugin…

I have also updated the binaries for several of my own self-developed plugins, which are available as follows…

  • DX_SourceOutliner Info
  • DX_SourceOutliner Download
  • Refactor_UpdateNamespace Info
  • Refactor_UpdateNamespace Download
  • Refactor_ClassCleaner_Menu Info
  • Refactor_ClassCleaner_Menu Download

Code for all above is available!

As I have mentioned prior, the source code for all of the above plugins is available publicly so that if you prefer to build your own updates to these binaries rather than waiting for me to get around to posting updated versions for download when DevExpress updates their tools, then you are encouraged to do so.  The source for these plugins is available as follows:

You should be able to use SVN to UPDATE a local copy of the source for these and then simply compile each of them for your own use.  As a courtesy, I will of course continue to post updated binaries for these projects here on my blog whenever DevExpress releases updates for their tools that require these to be recompiled.

Happy coding~!

Update: a reader has pointed out that my reference to the DevExpress tools 2009.3 release is completely WRONG — the latest version is 2009.2.9, NOT 2009.3 so I have updated the title of this post as well as the references in it accordingly.  The links to the binaries in this post do correctly reflect the versions that work with CodeRush, Refactor! Pro, DXCore, and CodeRushXpress 2009.2.9.  Sorry for the confusion created by my error!