My Introduction to Castle Winsor for IoC Session Scheduled for NotAtPDC

I just discovered that my talk on an introduction to Castle Windsor for Dependency Management has been accepted for this year’s NotAtPDC non-conference.  If you’re interested, tune in from 6:00pm – 7:30pm CST (UTC-6:00) this Friday 11/20.  If you’ve always wondered what Inversion-of-Control containers were all about and how they could help you improve the flexibility of your code, then this talk is for you.

Afterwards, slides and sample code will be posted on my site here.  I’m pretty sure the presentations will be recorded too so look for a link posted here too if that turns out to be true!

Other Great Sessions Too

NotAtPDC is a great tradition started to provide some content for people who are (you guessed it!) not at PDC 🙂 .  Originally started a few years ago on a lark, NotAtPDC has grown to be a completely ad-hoc yet amazingly valuable collection of community content (and I say that NOT b/c they were bright enough to accept my session, but more b/c of the great other content that’s scheduled and in progress!).  If you have some time on your hands, check out some of the sessions – its like a location-less CodeCamp: presentations by developers for developers and a great resource not to be missed out on!

Mean time, Happy Coding~!

UPDATE: the link to view the livemeeting session in real-time is…$$w0rd