ASPNET MVC Firestarter Videos on Channel 9

As some of you are aware, back in early October 2009 I was asked by Microsoft to participate in delivering a day-long introduction to the ASP.NET MVC Framework.  For more details on the event, see this post.

As a follow-up, I just wanted to let everyone who wasn’t able to attend know that the videos from the day’s sessions have been posted to Channel 9 for online viewing at this link here.  FWIW, the same recordings have also been available here for some time now, but presumably the Channel 9 site will be a more stable / longer-lasting place for them.

I haven’t watched all the recordings myself (why on earth would I want to listen to myself talk?) but I’ve received some feedback that the audio on at least some of these recordings isn’t exactly the highest quality so you may have to strain a bit to make out the content.  Sorry, but I suppose poor quality recordings are better than no recordings at all!

Happy viewing~!