NYC CodeCamp 2010: Refactoring to a S.O.L.I.D. Foundation Session Content

This is just a short quick post to provide links to the content for my own session from last weekend’s NYC CodeCamp event – in my zeal to get content from all the other speakers in order to post them on the main site for download, I forgot to do this quick blog post re: materials from my own session!

While this same content of mine can also be found on the main NYC CodeCamp site (alongside nearly all the other speakers’ content), here’s a link to my own download of the content from my own session: CodeCamp Winter 2010 – Refactoring to a SOLID

Putting it to Bed for a Bit

This is the second time I’ve delivered this same presentation at a CodeCamp event – the first being at last Autumn’s Philadelphia CodeCamp as chronicled in this post here.  Although it was standing-room-only at both deliveries and I rec’d almost uniformly positive reviews/feedback from attendees at both CodeCamps, I’m deciding its time to (at least temporarily) retire this session from being my preferred session to deliver.

Its clear to me from the continued popularity of this session that there is a real thirst in the general .NET developer community for this content (when provided in an approachable, non-academic, real-world-problem-solving manner), but just to keep my own interests up I’m going to file this one away now as “just another talk I will have in my arsenal” rather than being necessarily my “preferred talk to deliver” any longer.

Speaking at the next Philly .NET CodeCamp 4/10/2010

At the upcoming Spring 2010 Philadelphia CodeCamp on 4/10/2010 I’ll be delivering my next talk, Mocks and Stubs and Fakes, Oh my!: Leveraging Mock Objects to Support Real-World TDD Practices.  For details on the whole event, see the main site here and if you’re in the area and want to attend, RSVP here (ASAP since space tends to fill up fast even though its a huge event).

Hope to see you there – it’s an event that promises to be a great time and never fails to deliver~!