My Community Megaphone Podcast Interview is Available!

In case you care (and if you’re reading this I’ll have to assume that either you’re terrible at using search engines to find relevant content on the Internet or else you’re here on purpose and so you probably DO care), my interview on the Community Megaphone Podcast is now published and can be downloaded from their site here.

WTF is a Community Megaphone?

Community Megaphone is a site created by Andrew Duthie, a MS Developer Evangelist for the mid-Atlantic region to help connect .NET developers with (community) events in their region (or elsewhere too, if they are interested).  If you haven’t tried the site out, I strongly recommend it as a way to get connected to events in your own local software development community.

As an outgrowth of that effort, Andrew and Dane Morgridge have teamed up to co-create The Community Megaphone Podcast that focuses on discussions with people active in their local .NET developer communities.  Although a relatively recent addition to the podcasting universe (they just published episode #6), by focusing on people and community rather than specific technologies per se, their content offers an interesting change from the more familiar “Today we’re interviewing one of the PMs on the Silverlight 9 team to talk about data-binding without writing a line of code…” type of podcast that already clogs the InterTubes in more-than-sufficient-number.

Can’t be That Good: They Wanted to Talk to Me!

Despite all that, they wanted to interview me for their latest episode anyway ;)  In a somewhat rambling, conversational style discussion we covered some of my thoughts on getting started on contributing to Open Source Projects, some of the challenges to managing OSS work, some of the highlights of the recent NYC CodeCamp event (that I have also blogged about prior both here and here), and some of my impressions of some of the announcements that came out of the MIX2010 conference that just recently concluded.

If you’ve got an hour to kill and nothing better to do, go over and have a listen 🙂

As always, comments, feedback, constructive criticism (and more) are always welcome.

Happy Coding~!