Philadelphia CodeCamp: That’s a Wrap!

This past weekend I had the good fortune of having been invited back down to do a presentation for the Philadelphia Code Camp on 4/10/2010.  I presented a brand new talk (of mine) entitled “Mocks and Fakes and Stubs, Oh my!  Leveraing Mock Object Frameworks for Real-World Test-Driven Development Practices”.  I’m guessing that if nothing else I will have won the award for ‘longest session title’ for the event 🙂

For more info on the event itself, check out Dani Diaz’s blog post over here.

Mean time, if you’re here for my slides or my code, they are available for download at the following links:

If anyone here reading this was present for this session, I’d really appreciate any comments/feedback as this is the first time I’ve delivered this particular combination of the content and topic so I’m keenly interested in whether you thought it was well-conceived, targeted properly, or confusing and completely overwhelming.

(of course, if you’re here to get the code and the slides, its probably also the case that you thought the session was pretty good, so maybe this is too self-selecting a sample for which I could draw any useful conclusions!)

Happy coding, everyone~!