Plugins for DXCore/CodeRushXpress/CodeRush/Refactor! Pro 2010.1.4 RTM Available

With the recent (finally!) release of the RTM of the various Visual Studio productivity tools from DevExpress, its now possible for me to provide binaries of most of my plugins recompiled to run against the latest version of the DXCore API.

Although all of these plugins are open source and thus its easy for anyone to check them out compile them for themselves, as a convenience for others I am also providing compiled instances of them here for download as follows:

  1. DX_SourceOutliner
  2. CR_ClassCleaner
  3. Refactor_ClassCleaner_Menu
  4. CR_DeclareClassInProject
  5. Refactor_MoveTypeToFileInSpecificProject
  6. Refactor_UpdateNamespace