Summer of NHibernate Session 02a: Exploring Query Methods and Syntaxes (con’t) Screencast is Available

I have posted the next installment in the series which actually diverges slightly from the previously-planned curriculum.  The plan for this session was to cover INSERTs, UPDATEs, and DELETEs but looking back at the topics for Session 02 I realized that there were some aspects of querying that I had wanted to cover but overlooked as the clock ran out (I have a self-imposed time-limit for these of no more than about 90 minutes of total length so that they remain somewhat easy to sit through without squirming smile_embaressed ).

Enter: Session 02a

To address this oversight, I this next installment is called Session 02a since its topics are really more in-line with the content of Session 02 rather than a completely new set of topics.  Topics focused on in this installment:

  • Order By clauses
  • Group By clauses
  • Returning ‘partial objects’ from the database (retrieving only what you need)

The good news is that this session only runs about 60 minutes since its not a complete stand-alone session per-se.  This means that there are only two parts of the ZIP file that you need to download from the site so 1/3 less annoyance in the downloading process smile_teeth.

As always, comments and feedback are appreciated.

Download Links for Session 02a

  • Summer of NHibernate Session 02a Screencast Part 1 of 2
  • Summer of NHibernate Session 02a Screencast Part 2 of 2
  • Summer of NHibernate Session 02a Code Sample

Note that as with all of these screencasts, to successfully view them on your computer you will need to download and install the TechSmith Camtasia Codec.

Update: As mentioned here, all content has been moved to the Summer of NHibernate Web Site.